This is why we exist…

This is what we do…

Here is a deeper look at how Icky the Mop is…

Why do you need SWAT Hygiene?

Cleaner Restrooms and Floors
Safer Restrooms and Floors
Better Satisfied Customers
Better Brand Image
More Long Term Customers
More Long Term Referrals
Happier Employees
More Dedicated and Committed Employees

Call Us at 1-800-203-5416 to schedule service. 

We bring Hygiene to the table...


Completely FREE:

- Full Hygiene Evaluation & Profile 
(Both Public and Employee-Only Space)
- Touchpoint Profile.
- Restroom Evaluation.
- Floor plus Deep Clean Evaluation.
- Kitchen plus Deep Clean Evaluation. 
     (We help with both front of house and back of house, where applicable)
- And More! We serve all businesses that have customers or employees!

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