SWAT Team of Michigan LLC is mid and eastern Michigan’s favorite commercial cleaning service because of our multi-step process that starts with cleaning away soils using the proper chemicals for the job. The second step does additional cleaning of surfaces while coating them with an anti-microbial barrier. As a final precaution we do an additional step of fogging or electrostatic spraying of hospital-grade food-safe disinfectant to hit any hard to reach or missed areas.

We specialize in touch point, restroom, and floor cleaning using safer chemicals, powerful floor scrubbers, electrostatic sprayers, foggers, and the Kaivac Cleaning System.

We provide humble and expert service, so that your staff and customers have a cleaner and safer environment.

We Service Your Business

Below are videos from some vendors and 3rd parties, in order to highlight some of the tools and chemicals we use to help your location(s) to be cleaner and safer. If you have employees or customers, we can help!

Why Choose Us


We work hard to both meet and exceed expectations. We love our customers and they love us back.

"Five Star Service."
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Denise Gibson
"Not only does my staff feel safer, but our customers do as well. Highly recommend every business owner to implement a Hygiene Program from SWAT Team of Michigan."
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Lisa Kennedy

We bring Hygiene to the table...


Completely FREE:

- Full Hygiene Evaluation & Profile 
(Both Public and Employee-Only Space)
- Touchpoint Profile.
- Restroom Evaluation.
- Floor plus Deep Clean Evaluation.
- Kitchen plus Deep Clean Evaluation. 
     (We help with both front of house and back of house, where applicable)
- And More! We serve all businesses that have customers or employees!

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